Over the last 20 years I have collected a massive amount of Betting Systems which are mainly related to Horse Racing (although there are a few sports and casino systems as well).


They cover backing, laying, betting manuals and exchange trading and have been amassed at great personal expense. Some are good, some are bad and some are downright ugly! Some are out-dated but some are as relevant now as they were when first published. Others concentrate on betting techniques and strategies which can easily be adapted to today's modern betting environment.


They were all produced and sold in good faith but have since fallen by the wayside as betting techniques moved on, variance caught up, odds adjustments made them unprofitable at the time or they simply didn't work in the long term. Cast aside by their creators and long forgotten by punters these Systems may still offer betting angles worth considering or trading techniques worth employing in the same, age old battle against the bookmakers.


Having held on to them for nearly two decades I have finally got around to collating them all in one massive library and I'm now offering you the chance to access every Betting System, every Betting Guide and every Betting Strategy Manual in my collection, all in one place.



It's time to find out what the THE UNDERGROUND SYSTEMS LIBRARY can do for your betting.....






From 1st January 2022 a lifetime Membership will cost £50
BUT for a limited time only you can get full lifetime access to every system in the Library for....

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