System of the Month

Each month I pick out a System from the Library and post the Daily Qualifiers on a special Members Page.

I then track the results over the course of the month to see if the System is a Hit or a Miss.

October / December – NH & AW Super Systems

Monthly updates to follow

August – Casanova System (Method 1)

Pointless, very few qualifiers.

1 runner 0 winners 0% S/R

Saturday 22nd August

Snaptacterea 4.45 Curragh


July – 3 & 4 Rule Systems

Had it’s moments but overall not consistent enough

43 runners 6 winners 13.9% S/R

Friday 31st July

Shadn 1.45 Goodwood 1/2pt EW 8th
Under the Stars 1.45 Goodwood 1/2pt EW 9th
Single 2.55 Pontefract 2nd

Thank You Next 4.20 Goodwood 3rd
Thursday 30th July

Electric Ladyland 1.10 Goodwood 4th
Wednesday 29th July 

Kameko 3.15 Goodwood 4th
Siskin 3.15 Goodwood 3rd
Vatican City 3.15 Goodwood 7th

Witchita 3.15 Goodwood 5th
Tuesday 28th July

Bobby On The Beat 6.30 Yarmouth 2nd
Monday 27th July

No Qualifiers

Sunday 26th July

No Qualifiers

Saturday 25th July

Queens Order 12.55 York 3rd
Nan Yehi 2.30 Gowran 2nd
Bergerac 5.00 York 2nd

Kohinor 5.00 York 4th
Friday 24th July

Marmolata 4.05 Cork 3rd
Thursday 23rd July

No Qualifiers
Wednesday 22nd July

Deep Impression 4.30 Catterick 6th
Jigs Princess 4.30 Catterick 5th
Spanish Hustle 4.30 Catterick 3rd
Hidden Depths 5.10 Bath WON 11/10

Taggalo 5.45 Naas 4th
Tuesday 21st July

No Qualifiers
Monday 20th July

Swelltime 1.00 Gowran Park WON 9/4
Sunday 19th July

Breathtaking Look 3.05 York 2nd
Living In the Past 3.05 York 14th
Shades of Blue 3.05 York 4th

 Saturday 18th July

Sound Of Iona 5.20 Haydock NR

 Friday 17th July

Lough Cutra 2.30 Limerick 13th
Cold front 7.55 Haydock WON 4/6

Thursday 16th July

No Qualifiers
Wednesday 15th July

No Qualifiers
Tuesday 14th July

Glen Force 7.25 Ayr

Bavardages 8.00 Ayr
Monday 13th July

No Qualifiers
Sunday 12th July

Hiconic 1.10 Bangor WON 6/5
Valeria Messalina 5.45 Cork WON 11/2

 Saturday 11th July

Threat 3.35 Newmarket 10th
Golden Horde 3.35 Newmarket 3rd
Sir Dancealot 3.35 Newmarket (EW) 7th

 Friday 10th July

One Master 4.10 Newmarket 4th
Thursday 9th July

No Qualifiers
Wednesday 8th July

Balagan 12.15 Stratford NR
Newgirlintown 6.55 Gowran Park 3rd

 Tuesday 7th July

No Qualifiers
Monday 6th July

No Qualifiers
Sunday 5th July

Liberty Beach 1.50 Sandown 2nd
Saturday 4th July

Cloak of Spirits 4.15 Epsom 2nd
Summer Romance 4.15 Epsom WON 9/1
Rose of Kildare 4.15 Epsom 3rd
Millisle 5.45 Naas 2nd

Thursday 2nd July

King of Stars 1.00 Bellewstown 2nd

Wednesday 1st July

So Wonderful 4.55 Leopardstown 7th
Apricot Moon 4.55 Leopardstown 9th-0.28

June – AW Systems

Showed promise on a number of occasions and made a small profit on the month.
Inconsistent with the number of daily qualifiers.

37 runners 8 winners 21.6% S/R




Tuesday 30th June

No Qualifiers

Monday 29th June

No Qualifiers

Sunday 28th June

No Qualifiers

Saturday 27th June

Tilsit 12.15 Newcastle WON 4/11
Inhaler 12.45 Newcastle 2nd

Friday 26th June

No Qualifiers
Thursday 25nd June

No Qualifiers 
Wednesday 24th June

No Qualifiers
Tuesday 23rd June

Aureum 6.55 Kempton 5th
Masked Identity 7.25 Kempton 2nd
Double Legend 7.55 Kempton 9th

 Monday 22nd June

No Qualifiers 

Sunday 21st June

Mon Choix 3.55 Kempton 3rd
Almighwar 4.25 Kempton WON 11/8

Saturday 20th June
Sarsaparilla 4.50 Kempton 5th
Barber of Seville 6.25 Kempton 3rd
Secratario 7.25 Kempton 7th
Image of the Moon 7.55 Kempton EW 8th
 Friday 19th June

No Qualifiers
Thursday 18th June
No Qualifiers
Wednesday 17th June
No Qualifiers
Tuesday 16th June
No Qualifiers

Monday 15th June

Wolflet 4.30 Kempton 2nd
Paradise on Earth 4.30 Kempton 4th
Yuri Gagarin 5.35 Kempton WON 4/5
Colonize 6.35 Kempton 4th

Sunday 14th June
No Qualifiers
Saturday 13th June

No Qualifiers

 Friday 12th June

Royal Mews 1.45 Kempton 6th
To Nathaniel 2.45 Kempton WON 5/1

Thursday 11th June
No Qualifiers

Wednesday 10th June

Al Badr 4.45 Wolverhampton 6th 

Tuesday 9th June
Lilkian 6.00 Wolverhampton 8th
Caravan of Hope 7.00 Wolverhampton 2nd
Monday 8th June
Fantail 2.00 Chelmsford 4th
Masked Identity 4.40 Chelmsford (EW) 5th

Sunday 7th June
No Qualifiers

Saturday 6th June

Rebel At Dawn 12.55 Newc 2nd
Modakhar 1.30 Newcastle NR
Vitralite 2.05 Newcastle 2nd

Friday June 5th
No Qualifiers

Thursday June 4th

Guipure 1.00 Newcastle WON 6/1
Dubai Station (EW) 3.55 Newcastle WON 25/1

Wednesday June 3rd

Sun Bear 2.10 Kempton 8th
Lightness 2.10 Kempton 2nd
Anointed 2.10 Kempton 9th
Hypothetical 2.45 Kempton 4th
Nazeef 3.55 Kempton
WON 4/1
Scentasia 3.55 Kempton 10th
Tuesday June 2nd

Wirraway 1.00 Kempton NR
True Mason 2.30 Newcastle 5th
Galsworthy 4.30 Kempton WON 4/5
Swift Verdict 4.30 Kempton 4th

Monday June 1st

Little Red Socks 2.10 Newcastle 6th
Electric Mistress 2.45 Newcastle 2nd